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Are you a passionate and talented Music Artist seeking a platform to amplify your voice and showcase your unique artistry? Mevron Records invites you to join our dynamic team of extraordinary artists and be a part of our journey to redefine the African music landscape.


  • Create Exceptional Music: Bring your creative vision to life by composing, writing, and producing outstanding music that resonates with audiences worldwide.
  • Collaborate and Innovate: Embrace collaboration with fellow artists and our experienced team to experiment with new sounds and explore innovative ways to make music.
  • Live Performances: Engage and captivate audiences with captivating live performances at concerts, events, and music festivals.
  • Brand Representation: Represent Mevron Records with pride and professionalism, upholding our core values and contributing to our mission of empowerment and inclusivity.
  • Professional Growth: Dedicate yourself to continuous growth and development as an artist, seizing opportunities to refine your craft and expand your musical horizons.


  • Musical Excellence: Showcase exceptional musical talent, vocal abilities, and proficiency in your chosen instrument(s).
  • Passion and Dedication: Demonstrate unwavering passion, commitment, and dedication to your craft, striving for excellence in every performance and endeavor.
  • Originality: Bring a unique artistic style and individuality that sets you apart and makes a lasting impact.
  • Versatility: Display the ability to adapt and explore various music genres, showcasing versatility and innovation.
  • Performance Experience: A proven track record of live performances or relevant experience on stage is a plus.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Embrace collaboration and teamwork, contributing positively to the collective creative energy of Mevron Records.

Join Our Vibrant Community:
At Mevron Records, we foster a supportive and vibrant community of artists, musicians, and industry professionals. We believe in empowering each other, celebrating diversity, and sharing the magic of music with the world. When you become part of Mevron Records, you not only join a record label but a family that nurtures your growth and encourages you to unleash your true potential.

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