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Our client is a fast rising star taking the music industry by storm. A musician with a twist of Jazz and Soul music giving it a modern feel.

We are seeking to hire a smart, energetic and social individual who will be involved in all the aspects of the artist life. This person must have vast knowledge of the entertainment industry as a whole. The music manager have contacts that they can deploy to create momentum for the artist.


The music manager must be able to create a strong and clear direction for the sound his artist takes on. He must hire songwriters that can help accomplish that goal. The content is everything and putting the effort to get the right content out there is the first step. He must also continually be in touch with different producers and look for beats/instruments that align with artist brand/style. Buy/negotiate on how to get those beats and get them fully recorded mixed and mastered.


The music manager in this new age must be internet savvy because a lot of the buzz that he would create for his artist would be online. Having a big social media presence and having connections with other people that have a massive following is also good.


Now that you are working on content and you have something to show, a music manager should also source for investors or brands that can support their efforts. These events range from listening parties to PR parties, videos and music production. A music manager should be resourceful in that he can create proposals that he/she can take to banks or high net worth individuals that may be interested in investing in an artist.

Artist & Repertoire

Manage relationship between artist and label from promotion of artist to distribution.


This is very essence of an artist. A Brand is something that can translate to income for the artist. A music manager should help create the a unique signature style that an artist is known by. Create unique slogans, hairstyle clothing. A manager can sometimes source for image consultants to help achieve this


A manager can be involved in creating the right image for an artist with the public. This is how an artist is seen. He can achieve this by hiring a real publicist who would usually know the right words or plugins to use when talking about the artist


Every musician needs a band. This could also become a steady stream of income for the artist. Sourcing for local musicians that fit the sound of the musician is essential.


Getting tickets to high-profile events so that artist can interact with other artists, create a bigger network to leverage on is crucial in the process to building an artist.


A lot of established brands are usually looking for representatives that promote their brand. They want to be attached to success so this can happen over time. A music manager should get deals that align with artist brand.

Social media branding

This involves how the artist is seen on social media, from pictures to videos. Everything counts towards building the brand. A music manager should have a plan of what he wants to see and how he wants his/her artist to be seen


There is a lot of administrative work involved in managing an artist. From making proposals to managing dancers, stylists, hair and make-up crew, this are but a few of the things that a music manager should be able to handle. A music manager has to multitask well and be diplomatic. He has to manage all the different personalities involved and plan out the logistics. Logistics can involve getting to radio/TV interviews on time. Video shoots, photo-shoots.

Time management

Create a calendar filled with activities that promote the artist.


The music manager should be persistent in following up with things that were discussed at business meetings.


Ability to follow-up with contacts and execute whatever necessary action is needed.


BSC in Mass Communication or a related Social Science role

Experience in a telecommunications industry is a huge advantage

Additional Information

Desired Competence

• Understanding the client

Manages client expectations effectively

• Communication skills

Uses communication skills in a thorough and effective manner to manage own area of responsibility

• Management of Information

Establishes and maintains data and information records which are sufficient for own purposes and which meet the music industry, legal and regulatory requirements.

• Planning & Organizing

Effectively and proactively plans, prioritizes and organizes caseloads in a way which allows for unexpected events and interruptions.

• Negotiation & Persuasion skills

Uses a range of strategies to achieve desirable outcome.

• Commitment to Excel

Challenges self and others to exceed standards and achieve extraordinary results. Is not easily deterred when obstacles or delays are encountered.

• Analysis

Thinks through a situation systematically.

Desired Skills

• Communication skills (English), spoken and written (Good)

• Analytical Skills (Very Good)

• IT skills ( Good)

• Advertisement (marketing and merchandising)

• Online knowledge of publicizing

• Process and operational management

• Business Writing (Good)

• Negotiation Skills (Good)

• Presentation skills (Very Good)

• Relationship Management (Very Good)


• Good Knowledge of the music industry

• End- to- End business processes

• Business Ethics

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